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My weapon is a little low right now (perspective: weapon is the 145 you get from questing, while the rest of my gear is up at 162), but I'm having some serious Enmity troubles in Neverreap and Fractal Continuum while trying to farm enough Tomes for an upgrade. Almost every pull, I'm having to fight tooth and nail for Enmity, spamming flash almost every third or fourth move cheap ffxiv gil. Even after re-tuning all of my leveling stats to strength, I'm still watching the party interface extremely nervously when I see a BLM, Final Fantasy XIV SMN, or Final Fantasy XIV DRG.
I am lead to believe that having a better weapon will help, and while I do believe it, I thought I'd ask to see if I wasn't alone.
So, anyone else have enmity issues while gearing?
As others have said, it's your weapon. But, it's also your job. PLDs have the worse enmity generation of the three tanks. They lag slightly behind in single target threat generation and get absolutely crushed in AoE threat generation.
The real issue is when you have a strong Final Fantasy XIV AoE DPS and a strong single target DPS in your party. The AoE DPS will hammer the entire group of mobs while the single target will focus on one. Ideally, the single target DPS should be switching targets once they climb too high on the enmity meter (usually as they refresh HT, DK, etc.). But, a lot don't. So you're stuck trying to pump out AoE enmity while also needing focus enmity on a single target. And, because of how GCDs work, you often are choosing one or the other. 
My only suggestion is to mark your first target and tell the single target DPS to kill that first. It's actually beneficial to do this regardless for certain dungeons since there is usually something worth killing first anyways. So, you run in, shield lob on the first target, drop your CoS + flash, Spirits Within the primary target, and just focus on single target enmity on that target while weaving in flashes and CoS.
If you're having problems with single-target enmity (so stuff like bosses)... I can't help you Buy FFXIV Gil.
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The lore community could definitely benefit from videos like these and its awesome that you've taken it upon yourself to make some, but if you don't mind I'd like to offer a few suggestions that I think could improve your videos.
The content of your video doesn't match what's being Final Fantasy XIV Gil discussed in your voice over. I'd suggest engaging your audience with every tool at your disposal which includes both the visual and audio. So when discussing the Allagans, your video needs to be showing us images and video relating to them. Otherwise, you might be better off redesigning your product as a podcast.
Also relating to the video, it includes your UI, chatbox, gear windows, and such. This is kind of like a movie where you can see the boom mic and the behind the scenes staff walking around, which is a no no. I'd recommend disabling your UI for videos like these.
On the audio side, your choice of music makes it difficult to hear what you're voice over is saying. This is partly because of the music volume, but also its because the music you've selecting as lyrics. Which means two people are talking at once, making it hard to pay attention.
A great way to improve is to look at what others are doing with similar videos.
Best of luck! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make cheap ffxiv gil next.
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i'm interested in purchasing a personal house, but they are quite expensive due to the fact you need to buy out another player, and then pay the original purchase fee. Before I jump in and try to find a seller, I'd like to at least get Cheap FFXIV Gil an update from SE on the plans for player housing. 
- Do you plan on releasing new wards in the current zones anytime soon?
- Do you have any updates regarding the possible Ishgard housing zone?
- Will future housing areas follow the same path of shared instancing, limiting the overall amount of plots available? Or will you be moving to a private instance mode for player housing?
Those of you who don't have a house, and can't afford the double fee of buying someone out and purchasing the land after, are you hoping for new wards to finally get your hands on a house? I feel that this system in the game is reserved for the select few, and a majority of players will never experience player housing themselves unless this is addressed.
FFXIV Housing is a true innovation in the MMORPG genre where players are classified into ranks based on whether they have enough virtual currency quickly enough. It allows the game company to implement otherwise impractical systems for an absolute minority of the player population, even though all those players may be paying the same subscription fee. It effectively forms a subsidization system where the majority of the customers is paying for enjoyment of the minority, a truly novel and unprecedented system in the MMORPG industry.
FFXIV Housing undoubtedly sets a new mark and we cannot wait to see what the next new innovations they bring to this age-old genre of gaming.
Any new wards will be the same. The core philosophy of the limited-supply model needs to change if housing is to be available to all players. This is one area where I will outright give FFXIV Gil a big red FAIL.
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So after having majority of my FC tell me the weekly Esoterics cap is a GOOD thing I want to Buy FFXIV Gil expand the sample size and bring the question here. ofc this garbage 1990s forum does not have any poll options so here's a quick one:
So, a weekly esoterics cap... where to begin? Well, first of all, who the hell ENJOYED a weekly poetics cap? Who enjoyed equipment being gated behind the whims of some random developer? Why does such an arbitrary value form the basis of progression in this game??
FC member: "The cap is good because otherwise people would grind 24 hours a day and be bored in a few days, it gives people something to do"
Hold on, 
1) People do not grind this game 24 hours a day. 
2) Even if someone did want to forego work and sleep to grind for a full set, why not let them? 
3) Removing the weekly cap does not inhibit the players who would NORMALLY get a value of 450 esos per week ANYWAY. If it does not negatively affect them, why have it in the first place? 
4) The cap only PUNISHES people for playing the game. There is no tangible benefit for it to exist.
5) If a developer makes a game citing '70 hours of gameplay' you could play 3 days straight nonstop and play it all, or 1 hour a day for over 2 months... So what? Let people who want to play the game at their own rate play the game at their own rate? Why punish people? Would people who play an hour a day moan at the person who completed it in 3 days? Should that person be punished for playing so frequently? It does not apply to other games, why does it suddenly apply here?
6) Remember when something else was gated? Yeah, exp. Was that a good idea? Was it removed? Yeah.
tl:dr people should be rewarded for playing the content in the game. Slightly lower the value of rewards from drex, and increase the cost of items and allow people to get a full set of esoterics gear in a week or two IF they so choose Final Fantasy XIV Gil. It does not negatively effect on anyone else.
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Beta amusement on distinctive stages will utilize an alternate server, since the group is extremely stressed over the diversion showed up Bug impedance gamers. Beta, players will utilize the new part, yet you can utilize them on the Ps3 to make an old part.
Ps4 open beta will keep going for a month, if all goes well, the third week of the information will be straightforwardly transported to the existing server in the Buy Final Fantasy Xiv Gil Online Shop.
September 16 Square Enix Alex as of late restored Final Fantasy Xiv: A Realm Reborn computerized download form of the deals.
This implies that the blockage issue has gained noteworthy help, the official started to acknowledge the new players to join. As per the maker naoki yoshida, they have numerous servers for another diversion to shunt of players, and enhance the solidness of the operation. Yet still has a path to the coordination of the new server, so authorities will proceed to screen the player's development, to administer an offset between and develop business scale. There are some full server is still limit the arriving time and make the part, to remind the players.
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Hello, I have few friends who want to try Final Fantasy XIV Gil the game when the expansions release. But there something i am afraid.
When they reach 50 with the main quest, they will be stuck with doing the 50+ quests of 2.x to reach heavensward, to do all primals and dungeons. 
With all existing players doing heavensward, nobody will queue for old content, so the queue will be longer.
It's kinda bad to block people at level 50 and not allow them to reach the expansion considering theses quests doesn't take just few hours.
I'm sure there will be ways that players will have to do old content, like how it is now. Also there is talk to revamping of the low level dungeons to allow for non-standard parties to participate, maybe even solo them. Wait till they announce the new relic weapon and people find out they need to run Sastasha for some rare item drop. They always put in some way to make people run old content.
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As I was grinding through my Skyfire Final Fantasy XIV Gil books today to upgrade my relic I had an epiphany as this poor U'Ghamaro bedesman desperately tried to heal himself while I was killing him, his friends and family and that epiphany was, I am an absolute monster. 
Is it really any surprise that the beast-tribes are summoning their gods to try and kill us when we're out committing acts of mass genocide against entire populations of beastmen. In certain instances I'm even tasked with going out and hunting other people. Now I know it's only a game and none of these things are real (hence why I put this in the lore section) but how can I be a force for good when I'm committing absolute acts of pure evil?
I was thinking that maybe for the next set of "Relic Weapons" or whatever they're going to be called, perhaps we can have a little more narrative and a little less mind-less slaughter.
While it would be cool for Relic Weapons to be less grindy, it's either that or tying them to high-end raiding content... raiders already bitch and moan when their raid-earned weapons aren't the best available. If they just made it part of the narrative everyone would have one and they'd end up... y'know, less special.
Either way, yes, we're all monsters for going FFXIV Power leveling around and slaughtering sentient beings to power up a weapon, then have the gall to complain about beastmen summoning Primals to lay waste to our civilizations. Sig.
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I was Final Fantasy XIV Gil wondering if there was any incentives for people who cleared Second Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 to ever help people who never cleared Turn 9? Turn 9 is extremely long and unforgiving with a lot punishing instant death mechanics that even you're full 130 Augmented Ironworks gear won't save you. All the best gear drops are found in FCOB. And Duty Finder... You can forget duty finder itself which everyone has the "Bystander Syndrome" expects the other 7 members of the team to carry them.
As for that "Another Bind III" achievement, I'm pretty sure several Statics are waiting for Heavensward to get in their iLevel 170 with new Level 60 class abilities and then steamroll through it. But what about the little guys were late to the FFXIV ARR party who are now trying to get Turn 13 done before Heavensward launches and Turn 9 is their only roadblock?
It depends, although most have Shiva/Ironworks weapons for alts, some like the glamour (Tank Chest Piece comes to mind). I've helped out several players through T9 recently to get them into FInal coil, and I've seen alot of clear/learning parties for T9 as well in the recent weeks. It might just be the server your on? ... I used to run an alt on Jenova and PF was very slim, even at peak times. On Midgard, there are somewhere between 15 and 20 PF's open during peak hour. It was a nice and quiet server, found a great FC, although no one raided in the FC, maybe transfer, get the clear, then transfer back? Or prehaps search/post on the FFXIV reddit? If your willing to transfer, look around on the FFXIV Power leveling server forums and see if you can find a team that needs to clear T9 and head into final coil.
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I was wondering if we preorder the physical copy of the game from SE store, will it be delivered on 19th June, at the start of the early access? 
My account is a PS 4/PC linked account, already bought game for the latter, however my internet connection is not the fastest, nor am I the only one using it, so I was thinking of getting the physical copy for Final Fantasy XIV Gil PS4
Does anyone know if it will be delivered on friday, so I will only have to install and patch, or will we just get an EA code and still have to download the game? Talking of which, will we get the chance to preload the game a few days before launch? Haven't read anything solid on either of these issues.
Thank you in advance and I apologise if this has already been discussed before.
If the PS3 version is any clue, you will get a download code you can use to temporarily play the game ahead of when you get the actual codes allowing you to play for as long as you have an account. You can still play on the other versions you maintain, you just can't go into Ishgard on them till you can those versions as well. Yes, I have every belief that, like the core game, you're going to need to buy Heavensward for every version you play.
Oh thank you but my issue is not with buying them. I am aware that we have to get both. I already got digital CE for PC (since it's cheaper there :P) and will get regular version for PS4. 
My question mainly aimed at 19th June. I am hoping that we will get a preload so I can get ready with my slower connection for the game, as I would like to enjoy it on Friday. Failing that, however, I wouldn't mind buying a physical copy of the game so I don't have to download the whole HW content for PS4, only the patches (and i would have as much time to download for laptop as I want since I can play on PS). But for that, I would Buy FFXIV Gil like to know if the physical copy will be delivered to me on 19th. I didn't find any info about it in the store and it just said "Available 23rd June".
TL;DR: I am wondering if physical preorder copies will arrive by 19th June and if we get to preload the game.
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i have finished my first zodiac took FFXIV Gil me 6 months, i am working on 2nd, i am having terrible time in lost city of amdapor, please SE make this quest a little more barrable, over 15 lost city today, carrying new players and guiding them, i am doing my best to help the new players, but there need to be a result or a better chance of getting an item at the end , this is redilcus.. please nerf this quest the other parts are so easy compared to this.
i had a blm today, item level 80 weapon , artifact and mnd accressories? i didnt back out, i helped him through the dungen, i am helping new players all the time ,but not getting anything in return is a bit stupid and sily, please give us a better chance of gettign these items, specially if we are helping the new players, giving something back to the community, please SE!!