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Welcoming University Student
March 13, 2015 is now being used by university students. They would now receive their university‘s announcement, Professors’ notes, exam schedule, notification, blogging, etc. through friendku. We are very grateful and sincerely welcome all the students.

January 5, 2015
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.... is welcoming year 2015 with a warmest greeting to all fans. May we have a joyful, peaceful, and prosperous year. With our fans keep increasing in number, thanks to you support. We are also getting many request of private network. With it you can have a complete control of this social media, such as who can joint your private network, what ads can they see, email broadcast, private link to external, inviting external fans, etc. Warmest Regards, Administrator

Hitting 10.000 fans
July 3, 2014
Dear Friendku Fans, Very exciting indeed that friendku has achieved 10.000 users recently. Thanks to all of our fans that making it happens. We are looking forward to seeing exponential growth to our sites while we are adding more exiting features to suit your personal or organization's needs. Our upgrade to SSL has been flawless thus enhance security from hacking, phishing, spying or any malicious virus attach. Should you have any comment, please drop us an email. Warm Regards,
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